IVF Specialist in Delhi

The best IVF Specialist in Delhi for childless couples- Dr Nalini Gupta

Dr Nalini Gupta is the best one of the best and leading IVF Specialist in Delhi who offers the best surrogacy treatment to all the childless couples from around the world no matter which corner of the world they may reside she will treat all patients with equality and suggest the best surrogacy procedure to those women who are unable to carry the pregnancy in her own womb due to some medical illness.

She advises the women to go for the gestational surrogacy procedure instead of traditional one because gestational surrogacy is the safe and more demanded procedure as in this procedure Surrogacy Expert in Delhi Dr Nalini Gupta use your egg and your husband sperm for fertilization and the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of the surrogate mother.  In this procedure, the newborn baby is not genetically related to the surrogate mother.

A surrogate mother is paid for their services and all the expenses of surrogates will be bear by the intended parents such as food, accommodation, clothing, legal fees etc. The surrogate will be paid in monthly instalment and the balance left over will be paid once the heartbeat of the infant is confirmed by Dr Nalini Gupta the Surrogacy Specialist in Delhi.

Eligibility Criteria of the Surrogates hired by Dr Nalini Gupta the IVF Doctor in Delhi

Dr Nalini Gupta the IVF Doctor in Delhi will hire the surrogate mothers on the basis of the following criteria:

  • The surrogate should be between the age group of 21 to 30 years.
  • All the surrogates who join the surrogacy program will be properly examined by Dr Nalini Gupta for their infectious diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis.
  • All surrogates who are hired do not any past history of repeated miscarriages.
  • Usually, Dr Nalini Gupta prefers married women with kids as they have established their ability to bear children; however, she welcomed all unmarried women as well.

Success Rate of Dr Nalini Gupta the best IVF Expert in Delhi

Till date, the success rate of Dr Nalini Gupta the best IVF Expert in Delhi for taking the baby home is around 75 to 85% which is significantly higher than international benchmarks and she also makes the pregnancy possible in those cases where women had lost her all hope to become a mother of an own baby. Her success rates are unbeatable and this is the major reason that people from other countries travel to Delhi for the surrogacy procedure performed by Dr Nalini Gupta the best Surrogacy Doctor in Delhi.

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