Success Rate:

Success Rate

The success rate of IVF as well surrogacy is totally different. Yes! We agree with the fact that the surrogacy procedure get complete with the help of the IVF. If a procedure of the surrogacy is successful so in that case the half credit goes to the IVF. On the other hand the   as we have already said that there is a huge different both of the procedure and the success rate. To have the best success rate has many factors and one of them is the reason of the surrogacy and the other factors the table will show you.

Reason to have the success rate of surrogacy and IVF




The reasons of the infertility: Yes, that is the only reason most of the patient has the option of surrogacy because surrogacy is always remain the last hope of the recipient and the reason behind it is when someone is failed in all the treatment of the fertility treatments.The chamber of Surrogacy: We can say that the surrogacy procedure has many options and the chances to have the child through them including the gestational surrogacy, egg donor, sperm donor and traditional surrogacy. Either the treatment is successful or not is depended on the health surrogate.The treatment depend on the selection: what kind of surrogacy the recipient select has the power to predict that either the accept will be successful or not and what is the medical condition.   we are talking about the medical condition of the surrogate mother as well as the intended parent because both the factor play an vital role in the process. The reason to have infertility: The process of IVF will work into a right direction when it is clear that the reason of the infertility is particular and according to the research this is only possible when we consider it as the first hope to conceive the child.The chamber of IVF: to have the treatment and the successful one all credits goes to the procedure of the ICSI procedure because the half credit goes to them in the process of it and look at the other process that makes the fertility treatment very easy, IUI,IVM,PGS,DI, GIFT,ZIFT.The treatment depend on the selection: Yes! On the condition of the recipient if the male is dealing with the problem of the infertility so the treatment will work in different direction and the same condition apply on the female partner as well. Even the same statement can be applied on the IVF as well.

Now look at the success rate of both the process but with the different perspective the table that is given below will clear all your doubts:

Success Rate
IVF fertility treatments Chances
IVF with Self eggs 53%
IVF with donor eggs 65%
Surrogacy with self eggs 65%
Surrogacy with donor eggs 75%

Now get the brief look to the treatment of the IVF with the most common reason of the fertility is the advance age.

Success Rate

Chances Rate Age
52.2% 35
47.7% 35-37
30.8 % 38-39
25.6 % 40-42
20 % 43-44
10.9 % 45

Now look at the success rate of Surrogacy with different type of surrogacy:

Surrogacy success rate

Surrogacy success rate

Types of surrogacy Chances rate
Gestational surrogacy 62.5%
Traditional surrogacy with donor sperm 72.3%
Gestational surrogacy with egg donor 83.1%
Gestational surrogacy with donor sperm 75.6%