How Surrogacy Law in Ukraine ease the difficulties for infertile couples?

There is no such legal Surrogacy Law in Ukraine applicable at the network hospitals under Gestational Surrogacy India medical tourism company. Surrogacy is very easy and simple in Ukraine and people with same-sex can also avail the benefits of the surrogacy because the government of Ukraine feels that whether it’s a couple with different sex or same –sex both has a right to be a parent and this is the reason that there is no Surrogacy Law in Ukraine. As the government, here gives the permit for surrogacy procedure as they understand that surrogacy is a simple procedure which helps many couples to become a parent of an own baby and there is nothing wrong with this procedure. It’s a fertility procedure like other procedures through which couple can fulfill their dream of having an own baby instead of opting for the adoption procedure.

No Surrogacy Law in Ukraine makes this country as the most favoured nation for the people across the globe and this is the reason that people in larger number travel to Ukraine every year for their surrogacy treatment and this is a matter of pride for the government of Ukraine that people instead of going in their own country visiting Ukraine and making this country as the best nation for surrogacy.

Is there any need to sign the Surrogacy Policy in Ukraine?

Yes, it is very important that the couple whosoever undergoing for the surrogacy procedure at the network hospitals of Gestational Surrogacy India medical tourism have to sign the Surrogacy Policy in Ukraine for hassle-free treatment and no one should be blamed after the procedure. This Surrogacy Policy in Ukraine states that the surrogate is ready to carry the pregnancy for the childless couples in her womb for 9 months and her family also support her for the same. She will hand-over the baby after the baby birth to the intended parents without creating any issues.

On the other side, the intended parents need to sign the Surrogacy Policy in Ukraine which states that they will bear all the expenses of surrogate until the baby birth and also pay her the monthly compensation so that she can take proper medication and diet. The balance left-over will be paid to surrogates once the heartbeat of the infant is confirmed through ultrasound.

Surrogacy Legalities in Ukraine for child custody

On the third day of the baby born it’s the responsibility of the intended parents to file the Surrogacy Legalities in Ukraine Court for seeking the permission to be a legal parent of the baby born. Once the Court will review the documents they will order the local authorities to issue the new birth certificate where the name of intended parents in mentioned as a legal parent and surrogate has no relationship with the baby born. Also, according to the Surrogacy Legalities in Ukraine, both the parties will never contact each other for any reason in future.

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