Egg Donor Cost in Kolkata -the place where egg donor procedure is beyond compare to any other place –

As compared to another place, the ratio of donating eggs in Kolkata is becoming over and above. If we see various treatments to solve infertility like IVF, ICSI, even Surrogacy, the best option which is generally preferred by infertile couples in Kolkata is for Egg Donor. Egg Donor in Kolkata has its high rate percentage. Egg donor option has turned out to be that successful fertility method which most of the infertile female partner wants to go through on the basis of its better results.

Egg Donor Cost in Kolkata
Egg Donor Cost in Kolkata

Egg Donor in Kolkata – Donation anything always has a benefit results, and so Egg donating is. The egg donor is the best favor for those women, who are unable to produce proper ovulation or not have the good quality of eggs. Egg donation is that process where the fertile donor gives her eggs to the one who is not suitable for pregnancy.

Donor Eggs are collected from two sources –

  • It can be someone from the family, your relative or your known one.
  • It can be the Professional donor (fertility clinic will have this donor).

Summary of the mechanism -The process concern stimulating the donor with gonadotrophin injection for 10-12 days and then the step of egg retrieval will take place. On the day of egg retrieval, the male partner’s sperm will be obtained and then by fusing it with the egg received from donor, fertilization happens in the Lab under the guidance of fertility expert, and if fertilization takes place successfully then the last step of this process is transferring the embryo in the recipient’s uterus for achieving pregnancy.

Egg Donor Cost in Kolkata –

The average cost of an egg donor in Kolkata is      USD 2000-4,500

The cost of egg donor in Kolkata is under budget and it is affordable for the infertile couples as well, Kolkata is the best place to have egg donor process done and to fulfill the dream of welcoming new life in this world.

Some checkups and screening of the female donor before giving her own eggs in a fertility clinic-

There are several methods before selecting an egg donor, which are –

Fertility Screening: donor’s ovaries are going to be check for the flexibility to supply eggs through the blood tests.  Medical Screening: This involves testing of infectious diseases, drug use and general health. The sexual partner of associate egg donor may be asked to bear screening for sexually transmitted infections.

Genetic Screening: case history is going to be evaluated to lift awareness of attainable hereditary diseases or genetic disorders.

Given above was a brief detail about the egg donors, its process and the charges of egg donor in Kolkata. Let’s look into the success rate of egg donation as well. Success rate of egg donation mechanism in Kolkata is 70-80%. Egg donor database in Kolkata is relatively higher than other states in India, that’s why Kolkata is also known as the city of joy where sterile couple’s pipe dream hit the bull’s eye as they take the decision of Egg donor.

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