TESA Cost In Kolkata

Incomparable and easy on your pocketbook cost of TESA treatment in Kolkata-

Infertility is that issue which has touched many of the couples in India, resultant they are unable to experience the golden moments of their parenthood. Those male and female partners who are not able to achieve their own baby naturally, they opt for artificial treatment to solve this issue. Male sterility occurs because of many reasons; the reason behind it may be the less motility of sperms, low count of sperms or any other issue. In Kolkata, the numbers of infertile males are upturning day by day.

Tesa Cost in Kolkata 2018
Tesa Cost in Kolkata 2018

Some men don’t have sperms in their ejaculation; this case is termed azoospermia. Those males who are affected by azoospermia, have semen present; but, on examination, no sperms are found, for them, TESA treatment is very efficacious. TESA is a sperm retrieval technique, TESA treatment in Kolkata is very beneficial for those males who do not ejaculate sperms in his semen or can say the absence of sperms in the semen during ejaculation and that’s the reason why female partner not able to get pregnant. TESA stands for testicular sperm aspiration under which a needle connected to a syringe is sent through the scrotum skin and simply receives the fluid inside the testicle. TESA charge in Kolkata is very cost-effective and affordable for each sterile male who want this treatment done.

TESA in Kolkata is recommended by the fertility Professionals when-

  • TESA is recommended for those males who do not contain sperms in their semen during ejaculation, called Azoospermia.
  • Non obstructive Azoospermia, during this scenario male produces abnormal sperms throughout the ejaculation
  • Oligospermia, during this case the concentration of sperms are less.

Procedure of TESA –

  • Beginning of TESA involves in giving anesthesia or sedative medication
  • When giving anesthesia, the fine needle is passed into the testes to require out the tissues that contain sperms.
  • Retrieved sperms then tested in the laboratory.
  • Then the sperms are washed thoroughly.
  • Specialists of fertility clinic choose the foremost motile and active sperm cell for insemination.
  • On the same day of sperms retrieval, eggs also are isolated by the feminine partner and deliver the fertilization by ICSI technique by the stamp of approval by the couple, whether or not they need to freeze the sperm cell for future or need to travel the method of fertilization at that point solely.

Settle on TESA treatment for solving the issue of male infertility in Kolkata –

The approx cost of TESA in Kolkata is INR 35,000, which is not that costly. TESA is one of the best sperm retrieval process in India and productive too. It’s a straightforward procedure and less painful. This procedure is suggested to those men also who have undergone vasectomy but wish to have children. This method hardly takes 40-50 minutes of the patient; thence, it’s not long-delayed process. Fees of TESA treatment in Kolkata stands to reason; many of the infertile male duos has opted TESA technique and they got success too by going through all the steps of it.

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