Surrogacy Centre in Delhi

Surrogacy Centre in Delhi – Where hope of happiness is born

Surrogacy Clinic in Delhi is one of the best top and leading centers in South Ex Part 1 Delhi which offers the best surrogacy treatment to all those women who are not able to carry the pregnancy in their own womb due to some medical conditions. This is a clinic where the hope of happiness born in every second. The people from other countries travel to Surrogacy Centre in Delhi because here they get the surrogacy treatment at very reasonable cost with all international facilities which attract more and more people from other countries to India.

The fertility experts including other staff members offer the best services such as high success rate, high standard quality treatment at low-cost, state of art procedure, young, healthy and fertile egg donors and surrogate mothers who are physically, mentally and emotionally strong to bear the stress of the surrogacy procedure.

Legal Laws applied by Surrogacy Hospital in Delhi

As such there are no legal laws applicable at Surrogacy Hospital in Delhi, but both the parties’ just need to sign an agreement to run the surrogacy procedure smoothly at Surrogacy Centre in Delhi. The agreement states that the surrogate mother will carry your baby in her womb for nine months and deliver the baby to you after his/her birth. On the other side, you need to sign an agreement where it is mentioned that you will bear all the expenses of the surrogate mother including food, accommodation, clothing etc. and you will pay her for the services which she provides you.

After this, it’s your responsibility to file a petition in Court on the third day of the baby born to seek the permission that you are the legal parents of the newborn. The Court will order the Department of the Vital Statistics to issue the new birth certificate on which your name is mentioned as a legal parent of the baby born and surrogate mother has no relationship left with the baby born.

Success Rate of Surrogacy Clinic in Delhi

The success rate of Surrogacy Clinic in Delhi is around 65 to 75% for the women who are under age of 35 years and also this clinic make the pregnancy possible for the women who are over the age of 40 years and lost her hope to become a mother of an own baby. If you compare the success rate of Surrogacy Centre in Delhi with any other surrogacy clinic within India or outside India you will find the huge variations in the success rate of taking the baby home.

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