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Test tube baby cost in Chennai 2021

TEST TUBE BABY – how successful is the case for test tube baby

Test tube baby means the baby which is born by the mother herself but the baby is not born by natural reproduction but through an artificial process by fertilization of the eggs and sperms into the laboratory dish under the observation of the experts and properly monitored as well. But this is not a new procedure as many millions of test tube babies are there in the world since late 1970s. As fertility rates are decreased and infertility rates are increased day by day so this procedure becomes common day by day.

Also, if the couple wish to have multiple births in one go so that they opt for the same process as there are more chances of multiple births in the same way if they desire to have but if not they can opt only a single embryo in the same way if they want twins or triplets they can opt for the same. This is the wish of the couple what they want and totally depends on the couple’s desires as at last is ultimately the responsibility of the couple.


It is basically seen that in a research by some researchers have seen that around 4 in 1,00,000 babies born by test tube process may have less IQ and also problems in communicating socially or in society with others as compared to babies born by natural process but it is the rare of the rarest case to be seen by many researchers also some researchers find that test tube babies may faced problems like Hypertension and Type 2 diabetes are some common problems to be faced by test tube babies in future. This is the case of rarest persons like 0.28% test tube babies faced this kind of problems in his/her lifetime from around millions of millions born through test tube procedure. Also, some test tube babies are facing mental or physical disability during their lifetime but this is only 0.89% from millions of millions of test tube babies born in the world and also born thousands of test tube babies year after year or every year we can say that. Some are facing language disabilities during their lifetime as only 0.91% around 6, 00,000 children born every year through IVF procedure. Also, some researchers find that some have epigenetic differences as a most common disease found in test tube babies in future such as cancer, psychiatric disorder and disabilities but there ratio is only about 16% among more than 20,00,000 children born every year from test tube procedures. So, during the research process researchers can find is that test tube procedure has little effects on the health of the child.

Test tube baby treatment in Chennai – the best treatment within the whole country

Test tube baby in Chennai have the more success rates within the state these days as there are more and more increased ratio of infertility to be increased within the couples as almost 28 % couples who are married and don’t have the child of their own and are facing infertility issues.

Test tube baby treatment in Chennai is completed by collecting one to three eggs in a dish and it will be inseminate with 100000 sperms which are motile and then it will be kept in the incubator. The whole process of fertilization is monitored the next day and after 48 to 72 hours embryo transfer will be done. In embryo transfer 2 to 3 good rated embryos will be taken for the further transferring process and also without any anesthesia, the embryo will be gently transfer in the uterus. Now after the procedure patient will be discharged, medications will be provided after embryo transfer.

Why there is the need of test tube baby? – Who needs test tube baby?

  • When the fallopian tubes are totally damaged and there is no chance to get it repaired even through the surgery but not getting repaired.
  • When a man’s sperms are low count but the man is capable of fertilization process.
  • For woman having issues with cervix perhaps hostile mucus.
  • For woman having issues with spontaneous ovulation, but is able to produce eggs after many kinds of medicines and treatments to be done well.

But for a good fertility treatment best test tube clinic in Chennai is needed and our clinic provides the patients to be blessed with the child and with all the important and necessary treatments required in the completion of the test tube baby process.

Test tube baby cost in Chennai – the most reasonable prices in the whole country and also within the state

Test tube baby cost in Chennai is the most affordable cost which can be easily invested by the couples who are facing the issues related to infertility and also can be most recommended by the couples who have succeed and now is blessed with their own child and the baby must be healthy baby and for this it is of the cost only in INR 200000 without any additional cost at all in this regard.

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