A fast and easy healing treatment for male infertility with ICSI in Delhi

As there is a globally significant rise in infertility, and tirelessly looking for a way towards healing treatment.  But unfortunately, there is no fixed solution which guarantees infertility. in today world where infertility is speedily increasing among youth. The causes of infertility are found very common nowadays among youth. What is more shocking to know is that infertility patient does not bother to even disclose felling. and the severity of disease grow and ultimately fall into the situation where infertility becomes very hard to heal. As there is the number of medical centers, which claims to heal infertility but once, they participated in counseling and treatment. Due to lack of knowledge, they assist them with false and wrong treatment. so it is good to indulge in the medical center, where guarantee healing is taking place, where the success rate of the treatment center is high.

ICSI Treatment in Delhi
ICSI Procedure in Delhi

What is ICSI treatment in Delhi:-

It is a specialize of treatment which is used with IVF  for the treatment of male infertility, I the process start with involving the injection of a single sperm directly into the mature egg for fertilization. a single sperm is picked with fine glass needle and injected into each egg .the treatment is carried out under the specialized embryologist, who has served years of experience in the treatment of infertility.

ICSI is best suited for the male:-

  • If sperm of male is found to be very low.
  • In the sperm of male cannot move or it found abnormal.
  • If the previously used fertilization fails using conventional IVF.

What does ICSI involve in Delhi:-

It is helpful in the stimulation of the ovaries development and maturation of the egg.

  • Transfer of embryo back into the uterus.
  • Fertilization of egg is taking place.
  • Retrieval of egg

The success rate of ICSI treatment in Delhi:-

The success rate of any treatment defines what is good better and the best. so before the involvement of any treatment center what is required to know is its success rate. the success rate of ICSI treatment is 40 to 50 %. the doctor who is working for the treatment is highly professional and experienced. who has the privilege to treat million’s of the patient? and globally working for the eradication of infertility. ICSI is highly useful and considered fruitful for male infertility treatment. if the male may have tried several available infertility treatments but failed to heal may look for ICSI treatment.

What is the cost of ICSI treatment in Delhi:-

The cost of its treatment is far less than other medical treatment  In India, the laboratory is equipped with best technology and equipment. we are taking full care from the starting of the day. Our fertility programme is primarily based on how we can serve the patient with best fertility treatment. the cost of ICSI with IVF in  Delhi is 1,50,000. We do have the special concession at the time of treatment. Apart from this we offer breaking payment option by which you can pay 60% of the sum at the time of treatment and rest are paid with easy installment.


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