IUI Fertility Treatment

The procedure of the IUI is commonly, but the history and the procedure of it are very traditional and old that can easily blow your mind

None from us know that the name of IUI is not the real name because few years the real name of it is artificial insemination the reason to change the name of it is now the artificial insemination can only occur in these four different location in the vagina, the cervix, the uterus and the fallopian tube basically if any woman have problem to conceive the child because she has any kind of problem in all these factors so through the treatment of IUI the patient can easily cure it.

The Medical Meaning of the IUI

IUI TreatmentIn the medical language, the meaning of (IUI) is Intrauterine Insemination. The etymology of this begins from the Insemination, is within the uterus. Insemination= ‘’In’’+ semen= seed in. The direct meaning of it is seed in the Uterus. The main concept to perform IUI Fertility Treatment is to achieve fertility and the pregnancy. The procedure of IUI works in the laboratory, to separate fast moving sperm from the non-moving sperm.

Both the male and the female partner required the IUI procedure but the reasons are different to have the treatment of it so look at the condition in by which the male and female partner are familiar for the treatment

The most common reasons are the low sperm quality, mobility basically the movement of the sperm and the last morphology it means the shape of the sperm. Even due to have some complex medical issues or the unexplained genetic reason to have infertility most of the time with the use of IUI treatment can’t be able to resolve it so the only left is to conceive the child through donor sperms.
The woman dealing with the problem of a normal ovulation cycle, open fallopian tubes and a normal uterine cavity can easily use the treatment of the IUI but in any case if any of the women is dealing with the problem of the endometriosis but have a healthy pelvic structure can easily conceive the child through it. Those who have poor egg quality, advanced age and the menopause so it is not the right destination for them also.

The Success Rate of IUI Treatment

The success rate of the successful IUI treatment is totally depended on the condition of the patients if that patient has a healthy fallopian tube and transfer the sperm through IUI procedure so there is the 50 to 60 % chances to conceive the child and the other things pivoted on the IVF doctor, procedure to performed and the clinic facility.

To Whom the Patient should Contact for the Right Guidance?

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