Sperm donation a Nobel assistance to encourage reproduction

The sperm donor in India what is seen as more painful in existing time is the rising number of infertility among youth. In India, people even feel ashamed to share his concern and silence bearing of intolerable fertility may lead to more harmful disease. as with the modern technology, which primarily works for the treatment of infertility and successful treatment is only possible when safe and best sperm is available without it no good fertilization takes place. However, pregnancy is possible after the fertilization and resulted embryo is then transferred into the uterus of the woman. as there are the number of fertility drugs in the market which is little helpful and less effective. so, looking for the treatment which has the high success rate in conceiving.

A sperm donor in India

Sperm donation is also one of the assisted reproduction technique, which includes artificial insemination in a clinic or donor sperm is useful in IVF technique. And perhaps more useful for the couple who belongs to the same sex. The only possibility for them to get the child is using a sperm donor.

The intended couple may avail sperm from a sperm bank in India

The interested couple, who are looking for a way towards infertility treatment may get sperm by his\ her own choice. The recipient may choose the donor sperm on the basis of looks personality, education, and height. All the running sperm bank in India is professionally regulated to assist fairness in the sperm donor. Perhaps, several families prefer to go with their personal donation.

Before sperm donation in India, the interested male has to go through several medical tests:

  • The donor is allowed to go through the medical test.
  • The age of male should be 23- 24.
  • The health of male should be fit and does not have any disease.

 What are the sides effects of sperm donor in India

  • Due to lack of information about donor profile, one may not know the right details of it.
  • True Medical history of donor is not available
  • The question of the sperm donor is always the concern of resulted child.

A law regulation sperm donor in India

The different law is regulated in the different country on the basis of their law. The law regulation addresses the issue such as permissible reimbursement, fairness, and clarity in payment. However, the child’s right to know his father identity.

Purpose of sperm donation in India

The purpose of sperm donation provides pregnancy for the woman, whose male partner is not able to produce pregnancy due to infertility. While going through sperm donation, direct physical contact is not allowed between a sperm donor and intended couple.  it is imperative to safeguard the sexual integrity of sperm donor. And thus the only woman can take the advantage of it which helps further in normal pregnancy.

The cost of sperm donor

The cost of sperm donor is varied upon the country to country. Depending upon clinic to clinic. The cost of the sperm donor in India is approximately 6000 to 7000 rupees. However, you may find variation in the cost as per the medical center. But it is advisable for the couple to investigate donor profile before availing sperm donor.

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