Embryo Freezing cost in Chennai

Embryo Freezing cost in Chennai 2018
Embryo Freezing cost in Chennai 2018

Embryo Freezing

  • Embryo freezing is not the old technique but is relatively a new one which is only introduced some years ago which can be used as a part of the IVF treatment now a day. This procedure opens the platform for most of the couples and provides the opportunity to conceive more than once by only treated with the single IVF cycle or the procedure.
  • As during the IVF procedure to be carried on many drugs and medications are being recommended by the doctors and experts for assimilation of the production of eggs and resulting in more than the required quantity of the eggs.
  • And which offers the option to the couple to freeze the embryo for further to be used in the future and it made the process easy by eliminating the step of egg retrieval and the fertilization and also the formation of the eggs to be removed and only the transfer of frozen embryo is there in the step.
  • And also the couple has the option to donate the frozen embryo to the other couple if they decide not to use in future.

Process of Embryo Freezing

  • The process of embryo freezing is very simple. It provides the opportunity to store the unused embryo for future use, which is frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen of about – 196 ° C and for this process liquid, is added for the protection of embryos which is known as cryoprotectant as it is necessary to protect the embryos for further transferring process.
  • Therefore, if you are thinking of the process to be done in future so in that case, your doctor will advise you to have embryos more than needed for the process as to preserve for future security and transferring process to be completed.
  • For this process, another method is also there which is called as Vitrification Method and for this process very high concentration of cryoprotectant is used to secure the embryo for further transferring in future and the high concentration with the higher concentration which must be 3 or 4 times higher than before as to preserve the embryo for very longer time period to be promoted in such a respective fulfilling scenario in that respect to be analyzed further.
  • Rapid amount of cooling is to be used to freeze embryos around 10000 times faster to protect the toxicity of changing the cells of the embryo in solid state and helps the technician to preserve it easily and for longer time period which is thinking fit by the couple to have the gap in conceiving the next child.
  • Normally embryos can be stored for maximum up to 10 years and after this time period transferring basically depends on the medical status of female, her partner or the sperm donor.
  • The success rate for the female’s pregnancy using frozen embryos are relatively low in comparing with the success rate using freshly used embryos.

Embryo Freezing cost in Chennai – with most reasonable prices

Embryo Freezing cost in Chennai must be the suitable price that can be easily invested by all the couple who are thinking to do the same preservation techniques to be followed up for the embryo for future transfer procedure to be done in such respect with only the minimum and must be within the most afforded price that can be easily spent or invested by the couple who are in need of that practices with only investing in INR 20000 which is only a one- time cost and only an additional charge to be paid of INR 5000 for every renewal in the year which is annual cost and paid only once in the year.

Embryo Freezing in Chennai is the offering of the feasibility of the female to be pregnant using a frozen embryo is never being affected by the time period of the embryo to be stored. Although only few embryos can survive and remaining did not survive for such a long time span and for some cases sperms should also be stored with embryos.

Embryo freezing should have:-

  • To keep some optional embryos for second IVF cycle to be completed at some future date.
  • In case of the first treatment to be cancelled out after egg retrieval when not to be happened through fertility medicines.
  • Risky when there are some chances of injury or death as the case may be prescribed.
  • In case patient decides to change the gender after the procedure to be conducted in such a respect.
  • If the past medical treatments affects the fertility potential and interrupts in such respect.

As the exact procedure for using the frozen embryos varies depending on the patient to patient criteria as there are many treatments which is being offered by many clinics and expert should recommend the medicines for the treatment of such kind of disease and which steps are being followed depends on the ovulation process of the patient.

If the menstruation is on regular basis and the treatment is recommended by the experts or doctors on daily basis so that the physician should recommend following natural cycle process and in case of irregular periods, drugs are used for the ovulation process to be completed. So there is a need of embryo to be frozen in such kind of practices where the issues must be resolved with full proficiency and postulation as the case may be.

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