Fertility drugs in India: assisted reproduction with fertility drugs to conceive

in existing days, fertility is found very common among youth .and desperately looking for a way that can heal their utmost concern in  India where infertility is the curse and face social abuse.  The patient even feels more shy to share and disclose to family and friends. So what one can do is to look for an alternative, which solves and offer the remedy to infertility.  As there is the number of available treatment such as fertility drugs ICSI, IVF IUI and so on. While fertility drugs are used with the modern technique to give quick healing. But not denying the fact that many couples may consume these drugs simply by recommendation of the friend or incompetent doctor, which weaken the complexity of disease and make more worse than earlier. So what is imperative to know in terms of using fertility drugs in India is the right treatment and right fertility drugs which helps to fight infertility. Which further proved a blessing to conceive.

Fertility Drugs in India
fertility drugs to get pregnant fast

Fertility drugs in India:- fertility drugs are used primarily when a couple is not able to conceive .it is the first and foremost step for the treatment of infertility. it simply works by increasing the level of certain hormone, which promotes or help to release one and more than one egg in each month.

There are numerous fertility drugs which are highly useful:-

Clomifene citrate: – clomiphene drug treatment is used to stimulate ovaries from the egg. The drugs my recommend by your doctor if a female has an irregular or absent period, which is caused by PCOS. It is one of the best fertility drugs, which is used for the treatment of infertility. The drugs sometimes used with another drug called metformin.  However, ovulation disorder fertility arises using metformin drugs is quite effective in the treatment.

The doctor may prescribe clomifene citrate to the patient, who is undergoing the treatment o IUI.


Gandrotopiane is a  fertility drug in India which is used for infertility, basically, gonadotrophins are produced by the brain’s pituitary gland. It is usually made in the laboratory. The fertility drugs in India are used for the treatment of infertility among men and woman.the drugs help the woman to improve the sperm count and woman ovulation. However, these fertility drugs are given to IUI, the Icsi treatment patient. if your partner may face low sperm count or hormonal imbalance. He may be advised to take gonadotrophins drugs.

Dopamine agonists:-

The fertility drugs in India is helpful for the woman who may suffer ovulation disorder. It primarily helps to correct the hormonal imbalance that can hamper ovaries to release an egg every month. It helps to simulate dopamine receptor in h brain and reduce the efficiency of prolactin from the pituitary gland. In the body of the human, if prolactin may find too much.you may suffer from hyperprolactinemia. It is also found consumption of too much prolactin may have the harmful effect on hormone or menstrual cycle.

There are several negative effects of consuming fertility drugs.

  • You may suffer from bloating or a headache.
  • The woman may suffer from multiple pregnancies.
  • Chances to develop ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.


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