Ovarian Drilling treatment cost in Chennai

Ovarian drilling treatment cost in Chennai 2018
Ovarian drilling treatment cost in Chennai 2018

Ovarian Drilling – the treatment for better results

  • Female who are facing PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and having irregular menstrual periods and did not having regular periods and not having ovulation every month are facing these types of issues to be found commonly.
  • And as a result of not getting pregnant is only due to ovulation is not on a timely basis as do not ovulate every month. As these women have very thick ovarian lining and as a result can be benefitted from ovarian drilling.
  • By drilling holes in this thick ovarian lining, the levels of testosterone being formed and produced in the ovaries can be brought down. And also can lead the ovaries may produce the egg each month and have regular periods every month.
  • This helps to improve the condition of these women and can lead to better chances of conceiving for the women who did not conceive earlier and may sometimes not able to conceive.
  • This particular treatment called as Ovarian drilling can lead to being helpful for women who are trying to conceive by taking hormones therapy at a particular point of time but failed instantly in doing so and is not able to conceive because of any of the point of failure in this respect.

How is the treatment for Ovarian Drilling done?

Ovarian drilling is the treatment by making various and multiple punctures in the ovary of the woman who are facing polycystic so in order to reduce these kinds of poly cyst these punctures are required for fulfilling the purpose so as to get the severity of polycystic ovaries with the help of needles or electric current for getting the best results for fulfilling the same purpose. Ovarian drilling procedure can be done via laparoscopic surgery which can be a minimally invasive surgery as well.

  • A thin lighted telescope or laparoscope has been brought through the surgical cut near the stomach and the ovary.
  • A small object which is similar to the camera can be used to see the ovaries of the patient.
  • The surgeon inserts tools through other small incisions in the lower belly and makes a small kind of holes in the ovaries for further process with the help of drilling object which is used for the treatments for the same to be obtained with full efficiency in the ovary to remove polycystic or the cyst-like object found in the inner lining of the ovary.

It is a useful procedure

  1. The effects made through the treatments are temporary and not permanent and may do not benefit and may disappear after 7 months of completing the treatments of Ovarian Drilling.
  2. The treatment for ovarian drilling can be only done in certain cases only when needed and may last up to certain extent when needed.
  3. When it is to be done wrongly it has the potential to reduce the number of the egg which is needed after the treatment and can be expected in the same kind to be done well.

Points to be kept in mind while treating with ovarian drilling

  • Simple presence for the ovaries are not an indication since ovaries may look polycystic but female should not have any symptom of the disease and thus drilling is not necessary at that point of time to be promoted for the disease of removing polycystic by ovarian drilling.
  • This treatment is not for unmarried females since the effect is temporary and has only the beneficial effect to be formed on fertility and thus making it unnecessary and not to be useful as the treatment only lasts for maximum few months and it is unnecessary in case of unmarried girls with a delayed period.
  • Rule of 4 must be kept in mind while doing the treatments for ovarian drilling so in order to remove the harmful effects of drilling on ovarian reserve.

What are the benefits while treating with ovarian drilling?

  • The main and the foremost objective of the process is to restore the woman’s menstrual cycle and help her to ovulate regularly and in minimum time period to be on regular and monthly basis and help her to be getting pregnant by increasing the chances by almost 80% more chances as to be done by our clinic’s experts for the treatment of ovarian drilling in Chennai with the best doctors and the best available facilities provided at our clinic in Chennai.
  • And as seen by our experts at the clinic of Chennai about 77% of the women got pregnant within 8 months of the treatment and after surgery but there are some exceptions as well also present with such regard, as others have some other fertility problems as well like blocked tubes and also low sperm count that can prevent pregnancy even after having the surgery done related to ovarian drilling.
  • As ovarian drilling is the one time treatment unlike fertility treatment and medicines which can be taken every month or the whole month or week to be taken the medicines but twins and triplets are not possible as with some kind of medicines to be taken in this respect.
  • We must know about surely that the benefits relative to the treatments of ovarian drilling must not be permanent and are somehow temporary and can disappear with the time to be upgraded and running smoothly after that. Ovulation and the menstrual cycle may become irregular again after some time.

What must be the price of ovarian drilling?

Ovarian drilling treatment cost in Chennai is the treatment for having the best results relative to infertility treatments and helps in reducing the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) for obtaining the best results after surgery so as to make the treatments better for obtaining the best results and also helping the female to get pregnant soon by treating with these kinds of treatments and to obtain better results with most performing and upgradable results to be made well with the treatments and get about 70% or more female to be pregnant after performing the surgical treatments to be done for obtaining full efficiency by only investing the amount of INR 70000 to INR 72000 which is very much affordable by all and also is very minimum in comparison with other states of the country as well.

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