Gestational Surrogacy in India

Welcome to Gestational Surrogacy in India with International Fertility Centre by Dr. Rita Bakshi, New Delhi. Your gateway to having a baby in India with a surrogate mother. Gestational Surrogacy in India is Legal and Allowed. Yes, there are a few legal guidelines which you must follow while undertaking the procedure. Let me elaborate you what I mean by gestational surrogacy and then I will give a synopsis of the legal guidelines.

Gestational Surrogacy in India

When a Couple cannot conceive with reasons unknown or beyond their control like the problem with female uterus or male sperms, or age of female for carrying the baby etc. they can turn to the help of a female, called the “surrogate mother”, to carry their baby in her womb for a price. The surrogate mother or the “gestational carrier” normally does it out of compassion and a need to raise some money for their and their children’s upliftment. In gestational surrogacy to be legal in India, the baby must carry the genes of at least one parent. Hence, the embryos must be made with either the intended mother’s eggs or intended father’s sperms or both.

Cost of Gestational Surrogacy in India

Most of the Infertile Couples from Abroad like US, UK, Australia, Brazil etc. are nowadays turning to surrogacy clinics in India for one simple reason. The quality of the clinics and their practice at-large is well know to be first class and the costs offered by most of the clinics are well affordable. At International Fertility Centre, we offer affordable cost multiple-attempt gestational carrier packages to all for a successful pregnancy. To, know more on the costs, contact us here.

Legalities of hiring a Gestational Carrier in India

Gestational Surrogacy is Legal in India for both couples and singles of Indian Citizenship. For foreigners, a few rules apply. The basic legal guidelines state that gestational surrogacy is allowed only for 1. Legally married heterosexual couples with a minimum of 2 years of marriage 2. A letter from your High Commission in India / Government office stating that surrogacy is legal in your country and you will be allowed to take the baby back legally 3. An agreement with a surrogate mother in India 4. Undertaking from the Intended Parents and 5. the ICMR Registration letter of the Indian clinic that you have chosen. The foreigners need to come to India on a medical visa for surrogacy. The intended parents apply for a medical visa for surrogacy and submit the 5 documents as above to the Indian High Commission or the nearest Consulate and they process it and issue you a medical visa for surrogacy which allows you to undertake surrogacy legally in India. IFC prepares these documents and sends you for applying for the visa. To get the details, please contact us.

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