PGD treatment cost in Chennai

Pre-define the meaning of PGD

PGD (Pre implantation Genetic Diagnosis) is also referred to as embryo screening to be programmed as the procedure used for embryos before implantation to screen for the variant of disorders to be made in the screening of disorder being made in that most common disorders in the questions including the cystic fibroids, sickle cell disease, Huntington’s disease and spinal muscular atrophy.

As to be concerned about the PGD which is the procedure to be used alongside IVF and is carried out in respective scenario to be carried out the likelihood of an ongoing pregnancy and in order to prevent an inherited condition to be passed over on to the child.

PGD sometimes be used for the purpose of sex selection.

PGD treatment cost in Chennai 2018
PGD treatment cost in Chennai 2018

Carrying PGD for heart and soul

The female for the treatment of IVF should undergo in treating with IVF in order to collect eggs and fertilize the male’s sperms with the female’s eggs to be done the whole procedure of fertilization in the laboratory dish and the laboratory should be helpful in developing the embryos in the laboratory and after having the procedure to be done for 2 to 3 days to be taken in the formation of the embryo and for completion of the transfer process it will take around 4 to 6 days for transferring the embryo in the woman’s uterus and transferring is only done after one or two cells to be transferred for the purpose of genetic testing and the embryos that are found healthy after screening genetic diseases testing are transferred to the uterus of the intended mother and other unused embryo which are both healthy and free from genetic diseases are transferred in future and must be frozen for future use.

Success chances of PGD for blowing up the wind up to the larger extent

While there are only a few chances of the success of PGD treatment as not any exact database is being provided in that progression as many other factors affects the success of PGD treatment as well.

  • Age of the female partner as it is to be seen that the younger is the female member the more is the chances of success and the higher is the age of the female less is the chances of success.
  • The underlying cause of infertility.
  • The unexplained cause of infertility.
  • Very few numbers of embryos are available for the transfer purpose in the uterus of the female.
  • This is due to the reason that the embryos are not of the viable quality or sometimes found the damaged embryos and another reason may be the eggs are not available in the qualified number.

Is PGD legal in other countries?

In many countries PGD is prohibited, as PGD is controversial technique and is not offered at all health centers as in other countries it is prohibited but must be controlled by state wise progression and is controlled by the state.

Duration of the surgery The procedure of PGD where embryos are diagnosed takes about 4 to 6 weeks in completion of one IVF cycle including the procedure for PGD also.
Days admitted None
Anesthesia PGD somehow does not require any kind of anesthesia, however egg collection for IVF process takes under general or sedation anesthesia to be promoted for the completion of the technique.
Recovery There is generally no fixed time period for the recovery of PGD treatments and doctors should recommend the patient to carry out the normal activities once leaving the clinic.
Risks Includes damage of embryo at the time of cell removal, testing may not be 100% conclusive and accurate but may aviate sometimes, cramps and small bleeding occurred at the time of egg collection, may result in ectopic pregnancy or in multiple births may be a possibility.
After care Monitoring if any side effects should be find out from any fertility drugs if it is so then consult the doctor about the same, patient may take painkillers after consulting the doctor in case she feels pain or cramping after egg collection procedure.


PGD cost is the most preoccupied cognition in the whole of the country

PGD cost in Chennai is the most cognitive cost that can be easily apportioned to the couples of the country who are facing the issues relative to this so that the PGD treatment cost in Chennai is the cost which must be affordable by all the couples as it is the least cost in all over the country and also in the nation and all the states of the country for which the couple is facing the relative issues and must be probationary obtained such relative issues regarding the treatment of PGD in such the minimum cost of about INR 200000 to INR 300000 which must be easily afforded by all the couples who wants to treat for such kind of issues to be resolved.

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