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Embryo DonationThe embryo has many names accept the Fetus because an embryo generally considered to be between the first and the eighth week of development after the fertilization and from then it is called a fetus. During the procedure of the embryo, the main turning point comes when the development of embryo starts and we call it embryogenesis. Due to having some medical issues most of the people refer to conceive the child through donor embryo. Know, what is embryo donor?

Embryo Donor: It is donated by the couples who already have the children for those couples who can’t produce their own child and we call it the third-party reproduction and a fertility treatment. Even the embryo donor could be anyone either the relative, friend or the anonymous of the recipient. Even many from us wanted to know that what is the success rate to conceive the child through embryo donor in that situation the success rate is touching the sky through us, more than 75% of people conceive the child by embryo donor. Most of the time this process takes place for the option of the fertility in FET( Frozen Embryo Transfer).

During the process of IVF, there is some difficulty when the uterine doesn’t accept the embryo because of the defectives in it so that is the doctor recommended embryo donation surrogacy by which there is the chance to conceive the child and improvement of the pregnancy rates. Now, look at the whole process of embryo surgery and the different name of it.

Now Look at the Procedure of Embryo Surgery?

Embryo Donation ProcessWhen the embryo is enabled to implant into the uterus so it required the ‘’embryo surgery’’ and we can be called it Zola drilling and it improves the implantation rates when there are low and very fewer chances to conceive the child through the IVF procedure. Even in any case if the embryos transferred into the uterus without the surgery so the chances it very hard that the mother can’t conceive the child. Throughout the ten embryos, only one get fertilized and give the positive pregnancy rate.

Who Needed this Technique?


This technique is helpful for the woman with the high level of follicle stimulating hormone, women with the recurrent ICSI failure, in case of frozen embryo transfer and the women greater than 35 years of age.

Why should someone select the Embryo Surgery in India?

We know that is the current question is hitting in your mind so the main answer is the best clinic and the perfect surgery procedure that we offer to the patient because there is a chain between the patient and the staff of the clinic and that chain is locked with the key of transparency and the trust.

To whom the patient should contact for the right guidance?

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