PCOS Treatment Cost in Kolkata

PCOS treatment cost in Kolkata 2018
PCOS treatment cost in Kolkata 2018

How to elucidate the issue of PCOS in slashed cost in Kolkata-

There are several reasons why infertility occurs in male or in female. Out of many causes of being sterile, PCOS is that syndrome, which causes infertility in female, PCOS stands for Polycystic ovary Syndrome also known as PCOD, polycystic ovarian disease. This is a hormonal situation that makes unable the female to conceive baby by disturbing the hormones. It makes reproductive hormones imbalanced resulting to have the inability to reproduce own child. PCOS may affect the cycle of menstruation. PCOS treatment cost in Kolkata is very reasonable and stands to reason.

Few Symptoms of PCOS are-

  • Reduced breast size
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Facial hair on the face, stomach, chest etc.
  • Heaviness in voice
  • Excess Acne on the face
  • Weight gain and difficulty in losing the weight
  • Absence of menstruation
  • Can’t hack the natural process of pregnancy (Infertility)

How PCOS impinge the cause of infertility –

A woman’s ovaries contain an outsized range of follicles or little sacs, every of that contains an egg. Throughout a cycle, many follicles begin to develop however just one of those can unleash a mature egg through organic process. In polycystic ovaries, the follicles don’t develop properly; as a result, a girl with polycystic ovaries won’t expel frequently. This results in irregular periods and problem in conceiving. PCOS may be diagnosed by thyroid tests to know the amount of thyroid hormone in female’s body or glucose investigation to check the glucose level or there will be vaginal ultrasound to have the outlook of reproductive organs.

How PCOS is treated –

The treatment of PCOS varies from one girl to a different depending upon the symptoms. Those women, who have PCOS, are prescribed proper diet and regular exercise from the experts. Some females are overweight and hence exercise and balanced food can also solve or control the issue. Anti-androgens medicines are also prescribed by the experts to stop the acne and other male symptoms like facial hairs on face etc. medicines facilitate in treating skin disorder, control the cycle, and lowering male internal secretion levels, like androgenic hormone etc., within the body. Those females who are not able to produce baby or have the natural cycle of pregnancy due to the PCOS, for them fertility medicines are given to achieve proper ovulation.

PCOS treatment cost in Kolkata is INR 10k-15k. The cost of PCOS treatment in Kolkata is very cost-effective and easy as a pie. You don’t have to think twice before choosing this treatment. It’s not at all troublesome treatment; only you have to mind one’s p’s and q’s of each and every detail given by the experts and have medications timely. The sooner PCOS detected and treated, chances of being fertile will be more. There are few recommendations, which your fertility experts will suggest those are, doing regular workout especially for overweight women, having balance and proper diet, stay away from alcohol and tobacco or drinking.

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